couples therapy

Most couples who seek out therapy do so because ~despite their best efforts, they just can't stop the negative patterns that keep them "stuck". Dr. Sue Johnson, founder of Emotionally Focused Therapy, states, "the quality of our emotional engagement is the key element that shapes love relationships. We tend to use the same simple strategies to deal with perceived disconnection with our partner. When we feel emotionally safe we can risk reaching for our loved one and asking for our needs to be met. When we feel unsafe we resort to demanding and controlling, or if we anticipate rejection, we turn away and shut down our needs for connection". 

Scientific research over the past decade in particular, is conclusive about what love is and how to make love last in adult relationships. We all have a "wired-in" longing to feel seen, safe, and “soothed” by our most significant other. We want to know that in moments of need or vulnerability our partner will be accessible, responsive, and engaged when we make attempts to reach for them. The EFT model of therapy with a clear beginning, middle and end, helps make sense of what keeps couples “stuck” and why, creates a safe space, and provides a clear “road map” to help couples experience and shape new, more satisfying patterns that create connection, strengthen bonds, and improve intimacy. .

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