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For better or for worse, other people are constantly mirroring who we are and how they experience us

From the moment of human conception we become receptors of and contributors to, our environment and those within it.  Naturally, this starts with whom ever we call “our family”. At one extreme of the continuum, some people are fortunate enough to be nurtured, nourished, seen and safe.  On the other end, for a myriad of reasons, human beings are devastatingly abused or ignored and neglected. Wherever we find ourselves on this continuum, from before we are born until our last breath, I believe human beings long for and need safe emotional connectedness with significant others. It’s how we know we are OK.

It all begins at home.

Most of us hold strong feelings about family. Family is where we first learn who we are, what to do, and how to be. Family therapy offers an opportunity to identify unsatisfying patterns and create new ones within a safe and supportive space. Here each person gets to share their experience of the “family story”.  We explore what gets in the way of the family relating to one another in the way they would like. We create safety within the interactions so that each person begins to connect in new ways, developing age-appropriate self-other understanding. This process leads to increased trust through the experience of “feeling felt” within the family unit.

Deb brings humor and creativity to her work with families. She has extensive experience working with single parent families, foster families, blended and intact families. Attachment theory provides a guiding framework for her work with families. Deb provides specific psycho-education to develop effective parenting skills and coping strategies appropriate for families with children of all ages.


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